Of Sinners & Saints [Temp Title]

PROJECT TITLE: Of Sinners & Saints [wip still in development] GENRE: Fantasy MEDIUM: Illustrations RATING: 18+ TOOLS: Proc

Smooch Quest (2021)

PROJECT TITLE: Smooch Quest GENRE: Fantasy MEDIUM: Sequential Story RATING: PG-13 TOOLS: Procreate, iPad Smooch Quest is a sma

Age Of Ashes

PROJECT TITLE: Age of Ashes (A Pathfinder 2e Adventure) GENRE: Fantasy MEDIUM: Illustrations RATING: PG-13 TOOLS: Procreate, i

The Magic Word (2020)

PROJECT TITLE: The Magic Word GENRE: Fantasy, Erotica MEDIUM: Comic RATING: Adult, Nsfw TOOLS: Procreate, iPad, Clip Studio A

OC-tober Challenge (2020)

PROJECT TITLE: OC-TOBER 2020 GENRE: N/A MEDIUM: Challenge RATING: N/A TOOLS: Procreate, iPad A drawing challenge I took during

SQUADS (2018)

Just a fun daily character design project I got into in 2017-18! These are all in the order I illustrated them in. Currently t

The Myth About Myths: Greek Mythology (2018)

This is probably my largest undertaking as a project and one that has been ongoing, shifting and changing since 2014. What was

Henri & Chuk (2017)

PROJECT TITLE: Henri & Chuk GENRE: ??? MEDIUM: Daily Doodles RATING: G TOOLS: Paper, Microns, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen Henr

BadMouth Webcomic (2016-Discontinued)

PROJECT TITLE: BadMouth GENRE: Fantasy MEDIUM: Webcomic RATING: PG-16 TOOLS: Paper, Pencil, Microns & Fire Alpaca for colo

VVV Trilogy (2017)

PROJECT TITLES: Violas, Violins, Violoncellos GENRE: Scifi-Fantasy MEDIUM: Illustrated novel RATING: PG-13 TOOLS: Blue pencil,