TITLES: Violas, Violins, Violoncellos
GENRE: Scifi-Fantasy
MEDIUM: Illustrated novel
TOOLS: Blue pencil, Pentel brush pen, Microns

VVV is a trilogy of illustrated novels that can be read in any order following the life of a demigod.

This story was pretty much intended in good fun, edgy storytelling and dramatic flair. I wrote the original version when I was 18 so there really was either no depth or far too much depth to the whole thing. I distinctly remember scrambling for and latching onto as much weird imagery as I possibly could and then just ran with it.


SIZE: 6″ x 9″
INTERIOR: Black & White
COVERS: Silk finish, French folds, 4/4 Digital colour
PRINTER: Le Caïus du Livre in Montreal
PAGE COUNT: Violas – 168, Violins – 152, Violoncellos – 172
ISBN-13: Violas – 978-1-7751641-2-8 // (PDF) 978-0-9959003-5-6
Violins – 978-1-7751641-0-4 // (PDF) 978-0-9959003-6-3
Violoncellos – 978-1-7751641-1-1 // (PDF) 978-0-9959003-7-0



Each cover was designed as a series of ‘opposites’ alternating the yellow/orange colour with black and white.



The series consisted of 4 main types of illustrations propelling the story along with the prose.


These illustrations served as a dramatis personae for readers to reference from book to book as the characters aged and grew throughout. The images in the panels served as character introductions when they were re-introduced into the story.


Character Panels were also included throughout the text itself to tie a character’s introduction to a face for the reader to keep grounded in this strange cast of characters.


Some comic-like panels outlined and drove attention to emotional moments and scenes, displaying character’s true feelings of images that were kept in his particular mind throughout the series. (Keep in mind that the following images are not in the order in which they appear in the books. These images were also split apart from their original format to be dispersed throughout the text).



These could also be considered as splash-pages driving severe attention to the important moments and elements of the story for readers to hold in their minds as they continued to read the story.



A more detailed series of animated-like panels along the edges of the book during very visually focused story moments.



The crowdfunding campaign, being the first campaign was also designed with a trailer as well. I did the heavy lifting as the lead animator, my sister Kellie Kiakas as the in-betweener and our friend Oliver Beale on the music for it.



A bunch of the scrappy sketches accumulated over the years developing the characters and concepts behind the story.