• Paint The Town Red / Comic Serial / 2018-Present

A comic series focusing on queer femme identities using pop-culture monsters (vampires and werewolves).  Written, thumbed, inked, formatted by J. Kiakas. Writing, pencils, grey-scale (Tasha Mukanik) was a collaboration.

  • Prism Knights / Novella Series / 2016 – Present

A series of novellas about queer knights. Written, designed, formatted by J.Kiakas.  Cover artist (Paige McIntosh) was hired help.  Books in order of completion: Coquelicot (2016), Velvet (2017), Sapphire (2017).

  • BadMouth / Webcomic / 2015-Present

An ongoing long-form comic project written, thumbed, illustrated and inked by J.Kiakas.  Colours (Tasha Mukanik) was hired help.  Arcs in order of completion: Ouverture (2016-2017).

  • The Myth About Myths / 2014-Present

A series of visual dictionaries of mythological characters, beasts and monsters. Written, illustrated, designed, formatted by J.Kiakas.  Monster designs (Tasha Mukanik) was hired help.  Books in order of completion: Greek Mythology (2014-2018).  Successfully funded on Kickstarter: July 2018.

  • VVV Trilogy / Illustrated Novels / 2010-Present

A trilogy of novels (Violins, Violas, Violoncellos) that can be read in any which order the reader chooses. Entire project from start to finish was created by J.Kiakas and  successfully funded on Kickstarter: November 2016.


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Employment History

  • Freelance Illustrator / Accursed Tales, Kenney Broadway / 2016

I created the sketches and Ink-work for 9 comic pages and 1 cover page for a memory-sequence for a character in the Accursed Tales webcomic.

  • Freelance Animator / Arizona O’Neill / 2015

I animated 10 seconds of animation and a credits sequence for the short film: Father’s Day.

  • Freelance Illustrator / McKay and Gray Publications / 2015

I sketched and inked 4 spot illustrations for a short story in the September 2015 edition of the Running Bunny (an LGBT+ Fiction e-zine).


  • Object Head Zine: Superstitions 2018
  • Art of the Wild 2018
  • Real Drama Real Action Real Mettaton Fanzine 2016
  • Fantoche Film Festival  (for The Suitcase) 2015 — Baden, Switzerland
  • Ottawa International Animation Festival (for Quirk) 2013 — Ottawa, Canada
  • Young Ones Exhibition 2010 — Montreal, Canada


Practical: Illustration, Comics, Inking, Storyboarding, Animation, Novel Writing, Script writing (screenplay)

Digital: Clip Studio Paint, Fire Alpaca, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, TVPaint, Scrivener, Adobe After Effects