Story & Writing

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Comics -- Long and short form comics.

Badmouth — Long-Form Comic (2016 – Present)
Text -- Prose

[Prism Knights] Coquelicot — 2017


“Be gone knight! Unless you aim for a brutal death tonight—,”
But Fern was already pulling herself upon the ledge, her face dark with rage so when they met the eyes of a woman. The princess, her eyes were not unkind.
Her smile even a little malicious.
She swung with the sloppy flair of a self-taught swordsman. Fern caught it in her bare hand and could feel the blade cut into her skin, it was far too dull to slice through very deep. Fern didn’t flinch.
The princess hesitated, staring with a moment of alarm and before the princess could react, Fern was pulling her closer by her blade, watching her bare feet drag against the stone. Then Fern gripped her face, her right hand dripping blood so that it smeared across the princess’ cheek.
She said, “Push me down, I pull you with me.”
The princess was flushed, a flicker of annoyance across her features while her eyes darted about for a solution. When they saw none they rested on Fern’s and the princess licked the blood from the corner of her mouth with a sick grin in reply.
“You’re a woman.”
“You’re nothing.” Fern’s reply was instantaneous.


———————————————– —  —    –      –        –

[VVVTrilogy] Violins — 2016

The thing about things was that things never stayed the same. He thought about this a lot while he was sitting in the small closet feeling his brain melt and melt and melt. While his brain oozed from his ears and drip, drip, dripped onto the crooked floor, slanted just enough to set kinks deep into his muscles.
He was supposed to be writing. He could hear the words violently whirring about in his mind. A swarm of bees, a flock of crows…
A murder. A murder of crows.
He sat quietly, pausing on this thought in horrific fascination while his fingers slipped through his feathers and he stroked the spines of several before he settled on one feather specifically and tugged at it. With a small pop it broke free of his skin. He could feel some pain when it gave into the pressure of his pulling. Sometimes he wondered if his bones were hollow to match his feathers.
Sometimes he called himself a bird when he hated himself the most.
Right now was one of those ‘sometimes’.


———————————————– —  —    –      –        –

Arsonist’s Flame — 2015

Rumours spoke of a town of Ash. A town that slept forever.
While many of the buildings stood vacant and rotting in decay as time took its toll on unkempt lawns and weather-beaten windows, she was busy dancing around the streets as the ash fell like snow.
Sometimes, the rumours also spoke of the sleeping volcano that puffed a few more breaths of warning in a sea far away and the clouds would heed it and sprinkle ash over the small town against the seashore. Ash was a town famous for its name.
Tonight she was creeping through the streets of tall crooked buildings sitting like cigarette butts in the fog. She spun in tight circles and peered around corners with swift feet. Nobody was here, she expected as much. The silence greeted her with open arms without so much as a low howl from the wind.
Here she could breathe. Intake the smell. The smell of death taken by flame. She slid her fingers against the charred wood of a building people once called home. She pressed the soot to her lips and traced symbols into her face while she stared out into the horizon, what could be made of it through the inky blackness of night. The moon, was barely reflected in the water that she knew was there but could hardly be made out against the sky.
She traced the sigils watching small ripples in the sea twitch in a dance some would liken the nature to fire. But she knew better.
She always knew better.



Text -- Informative

The Myth about Myths


Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, the arts, civilization, law & justice, strategic warfare… etc.
In some versions of the myth, she was birthed from Zeus’ forehead. I’m not kidding. Zeus had a tantrum and ate his wife or something and she created Athena while inside him. Having his former wife create this child inside him gave Zeus one hell of splitting headache so he asked Hephaestus to crack his skull open. And I mean, when the king of the Gods is begging for a bruising? You just do it.
Athena was thus birthed, clothed in frickin’ battle armour, like a badass, ready to outsmart everyone (except that one lady she lost to and turned her into a spider in a tantrum-like rage—but we don’t speak of that).

— — —


Goddess of wisdom and good counsel, war, the defense of towns, heroic endeavour, weaving, pottery and various crafts.
In some versions of the myth she was born via her mother who was swallowed by Zeus after a very similar usurping prophecy turned up once more to spite Zeus in the same way Zeus usurped Kronus. Terrified, he swallowed Metis to prevent this fate instead Zeus gave himself a splitting headache because Metis was busy creating armour for the child she was pregnant for. Unable to handle the pain anymore, Zeus asked for Hephaistos to crack his head open to which the young god very much obliged. This then gave birth to a woman, fully clad in armour and ready for battle, also known as: Athena.
Later Athena won a contest against her uncle, Poseidon, both of whom were battling to become the patron god of Athens. She produced the first olive tree, Poseidon the first horse and the king of Athens at the time, favoured Athena’s offering as it brought them wood, food and oil.
It was also only natural that Athena was a great participant in various wars including the war between the Olympians and the giants in which she stripped off the skin of the Titan Pallas after his defeat and used it as some sort of aigis (which is considered armour in some cases); she also participated in the Trojan war on the side of the Greeks, only attacking her own side after they failed to punish Ajax for violating her Trojan shrine. It was said during this war in particular she really favoured Odysseus in which she helped him in his travels home, fixing his mistakes and guiding his ship into rescuing damsels and sneaking him out of the troubles he fell into.
Athena was known to favour very many of the heroes including Perseus in his quest to slay Medusa. Athena and Hermes appeared to Perseus and gifted him with the tools he needed in order to slay the beast: a polished bronze shield and an adamantine scythe. Athena helped Jason and his argonauts in the construction of their ship. She aided Bellerophon in the taming of the winged Pegasos. Athena was also very well known as the helper to Herakles during his various labours and often was the one feeding him small hints as to the defeat of various beasts, most notably the Hydra. Later she was depicted as holding the sky up while Herakles defeated Geryon.
In her final myth, in a moment most petty, Athena was known to have held a small contest against Arakhne who boasted of her insane abilities of weaving. She claimed she was even a better weaver than Athena. Athena took this as a challenge and the two competed. In the end, Arakhne one and in some versions boasted loudly about her win, in others Athena was so embarrassed she turned Arakhne into a spider.